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Some Places near Mandarin Orchard Singapore That will Make You Happy


Some Places near Mandarin Orchard Singapore That will Make You Happy

Mandarin Orchard Singapore is a five-star hotel that provides top-class facilities. The strategic location can make it easier for you to visit many entertainment places with your family. What are those? Here is more information.

Mandarin Gallery

Those of you who have a hobby of shopping every day can visit the Mandarin Gallery. As explained earlier, this shopping center is a connection to the hotel. So, you will reach it right after you come there. 

If you want to shop, go down to floors 1-4. Special guests will get lucrative and fun SingapoRediscovers Vouchers. That is one of the reasons why you should stay at Mandarin Orchard Singapore because many branded items are already available to complement your fashionable style.

Meritus Club Room

You can enjoy Singapore's natural scenery from floors 38-39 after heading to the Meritus Club Room. Elite guaranteed facilities and can meet your needs to have fun or unwind. You can also choose the type of room to stay in and get a cocktail every day.

However, you can visit it for breakfast or relax in the afternoon with a warm drink. This place wi the exclusive privileges for Meritus Club Guests that offer each visitor a special gift and SingapoRediscovers Vouchers.


It's incomplete if you don't try the various culinary menus available at Chatterbox restaurants. Are you still having some doubts? You do not need to worry about it because Mandarin Orchard Singapore is a five-star hotel that has received awards in the form of Hall of Fame and Two Stars.

Chatterbox is a recommendation for those of you who want to fill your stomach at lunch. There are two mainstay menus available, namely Mandarin Chicken Rice as one of their signature menus. Another menu is Chatterbox Lobster Laksa, it is very tempting to the tongue just by hearing its name.

What is Mandarin Chicken Rice? As the name suggests, the menu is Hainanese Chicken Rice a la Chatterbox which is a typical Singaporean dish and was adapted by immigrants. The first Chinese immigrants came from the province of Hainan in southern China.

The main ingredient in this menu is chicken that is boiled until soft. The chicken is then served with rice, mashed black soy sauce, ground ginger, and fresh red chilies. That will be so delicious, right?

Meanwhile, the second menu is Chatterbox Lobster Laksa for those of you who like savory and sweet laksa. Laksa is usually served with chicken but in contrast to this menu, which is served with lobster.

Large lobsters will be dipped in laksa sauce, accompanied by fish cake and quail eggs. The sauce is certainly rich in taste because the chef uses many spices, so you are obliged to try it while staying.

Those are some entertainment places and restaurants that you can visit while staying at Mandarin Orchard Singapore. There are still many shopping centers that you can visit outside the hotel, so don't miss them.

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