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Why You Have To Consider Andaz Singapore For Your Next Staycation?

Andaz Singapore

Andaz Singapore remains one of the most recommended hotels in this city, thanks to its service and overall performance. The exterior is stunning. Not only that, but the interior is also opulent. Chances are, people will no doubt come back there. Of course, whenever they go to Singapore again.

Why Andaz Singapore is Worth Everyone’s Visit?

When you think about why people choose Andaz Singapore as the best place for business or leisure,  here the answers. In this place, there are indeed many hotels in Singapore. But, this hotel has an excellent feature. So Andaz Singapore , keep on reading to find out some reasons why Andaz is the name to trust.

First, this one of the best Hotel Staycation Singapore boasts such an outstanding interior that will please the eye. Entering the lobby of this opulent hotel will make everyone in awe. Each room is even more eye-catching. In which it is not only equipped with luxurious fixtures and decorations. But also comfortable amenities for all guests’ total comfort.

Second, this hotel address is at the core of Singapore. Its nearby places include Little India, Kampong Glam, and Bugis districts. This hotel represents the unique characteristics of Singapore, whose residents are from various races and cultures. Walking to MRT stations, shopping centers, and heritage areas in Sultan street is what most guests do when they stay in this hotel.

Everyone can get easy access to some beautiful places around the hotel. Such as shopping malls, restaurants, and public areas. Some public areas that you can choose are museums, parks as well as a business center. No wonder, this hotel is also the best place to stay for business people.

Next, there are excellent reviews from customers. Customers’ reviews are always the best promotional method. Everyone can rest assured that they won’t be disappointed during their stay in Andaz Singapore.  

What to Do In Andaz Singapore 

This hotel is very popular for its excellent facilities. All guests can enjoy working out in its skyline-view fitness center or swimming in the rooftop pool. For those who only want to enjoy the view of Singapore city, they can just sit at sun loungers while munching some snacks or drinking five-star beverages.

What about dining? Everyone will be amazed at the massive arrays of cuisines that represent the various cultures of Singapore. Try 665ºF that serves the best steakhouse in the city. Specializing in seafood and prime cuts, this eatery never disappoints any guest.

Another recommended place to pamper anyone’s taste is Alley on 25. Serving cuisines from several countries worldwide, everyone agrees that this place is the best place to enjoy street dining, with the wonderful sights of Singapore city at night.

For guests who want to enjoy In-Room Dining, they can enjoy the all-day menu from 11 AM to 10 PM. Don’t worry, Supper Menu is also available for anyone who wishes to try delectable cuisines from 10 PM to 6 AM.   

Sustainable Environment 

As one of the best hotels in Singapore, Andaz Singapore keeps its reputation by maintaining the best service, as well as its keeping the environment healthy. All servings in this restaurant are also plastic-free. Meanwhile, all rooms are designed with energy-saving features and cleaned with toxic-free substances. This is to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable during their stay.

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